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1st International Encounter of Applied Sacred Geometry in Capilla del Monte, Argentina 2009

Saturday 19th to Monday 21st September 2009
Hotel El Remanso, Capilla del Monte, Argentina

Amazing meeting and reconnection of Applied Sacred Geometry to contribute with the bases of this new humanity based on Natural Patterns, Universal Laws and Consciousness Expansion. Sacred Geometry, also called Universal Geometry, is the meta-language of Creation. It contains structures and patterns of every existing thing. Together with Light and Sound it gives beauty, rhythm and harmony to this multi-dimensional universe. We had participants from Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil.

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2nd International Encounter of Applied Sacred Geometry, Puno, Peru, 2010.

PUNO, June 19-28, 2010


All the events proposed were carried out with the presence of representatives from 7 different countries and around 100 teachers from Puno in total. The event was sponsored and supports by the Regional Department of Education, the University Andina and the team from Inicial Education Institution Chanu Chanu, with Patricia Muchica and Doctor Oscar Vilca, to whom we are deeply thankful.

Saturday 19th June we had the Magistrate Conference open to public: New Education, Sacred geometry and today’s changes with Oscar Senmaché and Ivette Carrion in the Municipal Theatre of Puno.

Sunday June 20th we went to the Sillustani archeological complex where we had the opening ceremony, bath in the cold waters of the lagoon and a spectacular concert of crystal bowls for alignment with Ernesto Aliaga.

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3rd International Encounter of Applied Sacred Geometry, Uspallata, Aconcagua, Argentina 2011

A New Creative Education for a new humanity

The events were:
Sacred Geometry Video Festival, Application workshops for a creative, active and holistic Education for a new humanity.
Day of Interchanging, fun activities and outing.
Meeting for emAne, worldwide link for a New Education
Retreat to Aconcagua

The Encounter included a conference and a concert on Sound of Sacred Geometry. “Symphony Light”- Cosmic music with projection of mandalas and images of the Universe. Music does not come from “musicians”, but from our interior. There was a powerful discovery experience of our own inner sound.

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4th International Encounter of Applied Sacred Geometry, Ushuaia, Argentina, 2012

This encounter was celebrated as Sacred Geometry in the New Education for an eighth higher of consciousness from 20th to 23rd January 2012.
We thank Sonia Codrington for her participation and organization, and the help of Miriam, the Jrdin 14 “Caramelos surtidos”, Cecilia, Doris and Dana Tir.
To the Architect Oscar Senamché for sharing his knowledge during 4 whole days.
To iván Bals for the circular dances and to Raul for the active meditation.
There were 14 people from Uruguay!!!

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5th International Encounter of Sacred Geometry, Zaragiza, España, 2013

From Friday 12th to Sunday 14th April 2013

An enormous thank you to all the organizers, Venus Dugo and Stefan Armborst and to Patricia for the recording.

We gathered in an exceptional place, the Historic Environment Complex of the International Center for Water and Environment.

We could go for the night ride of the spectacular Rock Garden, learn and experience an equinox rectangle with the architect Carlos Martin La Moneda, and co-create a “perfect” geometrical place of high electromagnetic-telluric vibrational rise. Also, observe the extended exposition of Manuel Dugo and enjoy the embracing spectacle and the colorful display of the church, and build a “third generation” dome.

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