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SPECIAL Events on comprehensive Education, Peace Culture, Personal Connection and the New Society.
With Noemi Paymal (Pedagooogy 3000), French anthropologist.

How to prepare ourselves? How to co-create this new world concretely?

We invite teachers, parents, young people, new geo-politicians, scientists, educators, doctors, ministers and all those who feel attracted towards a new frequency and a new way of behaving, based on ethical, joyful and conscious paradigms of the new millennium, solidarity and Peace.

2015 Calendar

June 2015

12 - 16 of june 2015, Retreat 1 and Retreat 2 together   Intuitive Intelligence and Transcendental Intelligence
21 of June 2015, solstice celebration
23 - 28 of June 2015, Sajama ascension, Bolivia. 6542 msnm

Retreat 1 – The Intuitive Intelligence and the New Education: awakening of the own intuition, personal connection and para-psychic gifts.

Understand and learn about the education investigations and experiences related to the incredible potential of the right hemisphere of the human brain and to the Intuitive Intelligence, used by most children of today. Practical exercises included.

Awakening of ourselves, of our own intuitive potential, and development of gifts such as telepathy, energy handling, tele-kinesthetic, clairvoyance, voyages and visualizations, among others

We present theoretical and practical applications for the school system of today and of the future from any subject taught. For parents and family members, and for oneself

This retreat is in a context of Integral Education, based on the concepts of the school of the 7 Petals. We will learn new teaching techniques, we will rise our own intuitive and empathic capacity, to help us with our own interior development and to understand better the children of today. All this while enjoying!


Retreat 2 – Transcendent Intelligence, the internal master, who am I and the different levels of existence, the Integral Education and the school of 7 Petals.

Retreat 2 centers in the interior connection. It offers information on the present changes and the primary role that Education plays in that and it provides to each participant a profound interior connection, integrating and “magnifying” our own triade Will-Wisdom-Love. Basically, we have to be aligned ourselves, in peace, comfortable and relaxed, to be able to accompany others and become lights of enthusiasm, peace shelters and educators in the most ample sense of the Word: help others give a consciousness jump, respecting their own rhythm and life decisions. It becomes subtle, re-connective and feed backing education that works both ways. We all learn from everyone. This takes education to another level of responsibility, respect and personal preparation. This course is the beginning of a marvelous travel. Let´s enjoy!

December 2015

, Retreat 3

Retreat 3 – The awakening, personal and collective: DNA, solar discs, vortex in Lake Titicaca. Theory and practice. It includes 3 meditations of personal and planetary alignment.

This Retreat 3 aims to explain, and above all, to experience the mechanisms of humans and society´s “awakening”. There will be anthropological, neurologic and esoteric evidence, unifying science and spirituality, and connecting it to the sacred thread of service. Topics include the CIAAR and holothropic brain, hyper-communication, multilevel communication, multilevel DNA, the solar discs in the planet, and the role of Lake Titicaca. There will be several meditations and practical tips for our personal development.

, Retreat 4

Retreat 4 – The Plan

This retreat will be about the cosmic, galactic and Earth plan. It includes how to co-create and integral society of 13 petals of tomorrow, starting today. Theory and practice. This retreat includes personal alignment and multilevel meditations and a trip to a special vortex in the lake.

12 to 16 December 3 and 4 Retreat Together
Meeting point on December 12 Kantuta hotel
20 December, Andean concert  (bowls, gong and Andean instrument)
21 December, celebration of solstice

January 2016

16 - 26 January 2016

International Congress of Sacred Geometry

and the Times to come
With Oscar Senmache
and Cyro Etcheverria


1 - 15 de July 2016, training in English to be Facilitator of Pedagooogy 3000 (tbc)
All the events take place in the Retreat Centre of the Sun Island, Wiñay Qhana Wawa

Welcome to the Centre of the Sun Island, Wiñay Qhana Wawa

The Centre is located in the beautiful Sun Island (Isla del Sol), Titicaca Lake, Bolivia, South America

Discover and enjoy this lovely rustic Andean Centre, set in an island in the middle of the Titikaka Lake, a very beautiful and energetic place.
This Centre is dedicated to:

  • Providing a peaceful space for retreat and personal development
  • Encouraging programs for inner-growth and connection
  • Providing educational programs
  • Developing ecological and planetary consciousness
  • Establishing a new kind of Horizontal Humanitarian Leadership for a new humanity

Wiñay Qhana Wawa focuses on a deep human alignment and the teachings of the new ethical paradigms of our time. The programs are provided in English as in Spanish.

The Centre maintains a global perspective. It is a place of inner-growth, retreat and silence, based on universal teachings. There is no religious credence. The point is to co-create with participants what is theirs, what is needed, consciousness, self-awareness, and their applications. Together we can create a new society of peace, joy, and harmony.

Jeanine Pagola Davis This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone in Chile +56976496367